[Instagram] A Drink at Jeju’s Seaside 2016.12.01

Park Si Hoo is spoiling us, his fans! Am I complaining? Not at all! I simply love Park Si Hoo’s natural look in this video from Jeju Island!  I suppose it is a hot drink in the cold, but I can’t figure out what Park Si Hoo is saying. Obviously, it is about something he didn’t expect!^^


A video posted by 박시후 (@park_si_hoo_01) on

Credit: park_si_hoo_01, thank you!

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[Instagram] A Drink at Jeju’s Seaside 2016.12.01 — 6 Comments

  1. He is adorable and I think he says “hot”; in Hangul: 뜨거운. Wilma, surely you can confirm or not.

    • Hello Dana. I only knew 다덥다 for it’s hot. I could figure out 뜨거 before, so I listened again. You’re right PSH definitely said 뜨거문. Thanks for learning me a new word Dana! And I agree, PSH is soooo cute! Have a nice Friday!^^

  2. I’m glad I helped to enrich your vocabulary in Korean. Especially, I have not taken lessons in this language. I just “playing around” with it. I was Helped by Google translate and “my musical ear”. Have a nice day, Wilma.

    • “Playing around” does not work with me Dana. I am an audio-visual person. I need to know how something is written and about sound changes and so on. That is probably why my written Korean is much better as long as I know the vocabulary. I envy the people who can learn Korean from hearing only. I have a good ear for music, but that is different from placing the right words. I just need to take many steps to learn something new whether it is a language or something else!^^

  3. Wilma, George Bush senior remained famous for his words:”Read my lips”, and you, being an audio-visual person, could read PSH’s lips, when unexpectedly he burnt his lips with that hot cup of tea. Poor PSH! But his pain on his face turned into a very cute expression , taking it like a joke. To our joy!. And I repeat myself, with what I’ve written on “Park Siho Ssi com.”, that PSH is cute whenever his personality shines through his looks.
    Oh, by the way, I couldn’t see the video on your blog because :Content unavailable”. Happy that I’ve seen it on Fb.

    • Maybe there was a temporary failure, Stefi. The video was playing when I check it out.

      Being bad of hearing myself and having a sister who was born bad of hearing, I am used to watch someone’s lips during speaking. And there were more pieces to complete the puzzle, of course, like the cold weather and the wind. It had to be a hot drink and especially a hot cup of tea can be extremely hot when your lips are cold!

      Yes, PSH is always cute, because he is always him. His personality always shines through his looks.