Another Way to Support Park Si Hoo!

Many Korean fans are supporting Park Si Hoo by liking or commenting on posts related to him on Naver News which is considered to be the most popular news site in Korea. The goal is to improve the possibility of
Park Si Hoo’s return in a Korean drama soonest possible. It would be a great help when the international fans join them. A lot are doing so already!

Liking a post and/or leaving your comment to support Park Si Hoo requires to sign in on Naver. You can do so with your Twitter or Facebook account, if you have one. I tried to create an account with Naver, but bumped into
obstacles. Although not going smoothly all the time, signing in with the previous mentioned Facebook or Twitter accounts do work. So give it a try yourself too!

Link to the article to like and/or comment:

Link to the article comment page:

Naver will ask you to sign in showing this pop up:

Check the Facebook or Twitter icon and connect with your account as requested. After that you can like the article and leave your comment.
You can leave your comment in English or choose for a short comment in Korean in the comment box as shown below.

Short supporting comments in Korean:

” Fighting, 박시후 ! “

박시후씨 연기 기다립니다! = Waiting for Park Si Hoo’s acting!

박시후 ᆢ브라운관에서 빨리 만나고 싶어요~~ = I want to meet Park Si Hoo again soon~~

Also you can like the supporting comments of other fans. If you can’t translate the Korean texts, you can safely like the comments of Korean fans as shown in the list below:

  1. Ism7
  2. swee
  3. sky4
  4. mini
  5. com2
  6. nyaz
  7. 신사랑 (Shinsarang)

But if you come across a comment with this ID
please dislike as this person always comments to the disadvantage of our beloved Park Si Hoo!

For more details, please read the article on parksihoosonofbuyeo, thank you!

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Another Way to Support Park Si Hoo! — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Wilma.Thanks for sharing. I am at a loss where IT is involved. Anyway, I am for PSH all the way and I hope to see him back working with the three Korean main broadcasters. Three cheers for Park Si Hoo all the way from Penang Island, Malaysia.

    • It’s okay D Lee, don’t feel burdened. All that matters is that you support PSH in your own way! Any support is very much appreciated! 🙂

  2. Wilma thanks for sharing this appeal from Korean fans, but I think it’s a bit difficult for me to enter Naver News, but I’ll do my best to support PSH on voting sites , and with my comments on every sites possible. I remain optimistic that soon we’ll have good news from him that he has been cast in a new drama , playing the male leading role.

    • Naver News is not easy to enter at all. That’s why it’s not my favorite site either Stefi! All your efforts to support PSH in your own way are very much appreciated! Always! 😀

      I share your optimism in every way Stefi. It will be only a matter of time until PSH announces a new drama taking on the leading part!^^