An Evening with Park Si Hoo at Jeju Island 2016.11.27

Park Si Hoo’s “Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju” has been a memorable one as always. Both Park Si Hoo and the attendees have made sweet memories together!

Photo credit: HOO Factory, thank you!

Photo credit: HOO Factory, thank you!

The event started with dinner from 5:30 pm followed by the actual evening from 7:30 pm with an introduction about the 5th year of existence of ENISHI in 2017. After a presentation video showing Park Si Hoo filming “After Love” in Jeju, the man himself made a spectacular entrance riding the bicycle on the red carpet!

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Park Si Hoo greeted his fans and told about what he had been doing lately. Then one of the previews of “After Love” was shown followed by
Park Si Hoo’s memories during the filming period in Jeju.

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A summarize of the program points

  • Acting out intimiate scenes of Park Si Hoo with Eun Hong. Three lucky fans were picked out of the audience.
  • Park Si Hoo played multiple games with his fans. Amongst others a tangerine game. The winner of this game was rewarded with a big hug from Park Si Hoo!

    Photo credit: HOO Factory, thank you!

    Photo credit: HOO Factory, thank you!

  • A dance action performed by five fans with Park Si Hoo as the judge!
  • Park Si Hoo serving each table with a bag of Jeju tangerines.

    Photo credit: huyeon_salang, thank you!

    Photo credit: huyeon_salang, thank you!

  • Two more videos were shown. One of them was Park Si Hoo singing the theme song “The Sound of Your Coming” from his movie “Scent”.

    Credit: HOO, thank you!

  • Park Si Hoo wearing a white doctor robe and stethoscope as Doctor Hoo.
    Three fans were given the chance to act as a patient and tell doctor Hoo their woes and asking for his cure.
  • A short video showing the Chinese fans’ efforts to do good in China through their various projects including Sihoo Reading Rooms, helping children with hearing and sight disabilities etc.
  • Park Si Hoo reading a personally handwritten letter to his fans, meaning every word, but rather shy and very emotional in sharing.
  • Park Si Hoo playing the piano and singing a song.
  • Park Si Hoo personally autographing an event photo for each fan, one person at a tiime, with their own name on it.
  • Park Woo Ho giving out presents.
  • Taking small group photos with Park Si Hoo.

At the end of the program Park Si Hoo told he was preparing for his next project now and when ready the announcement would be made. The news we are all waiting for for such a long time yet!

Finally, Park Si Hoo said goodnight by thanking his Chinese, Japanese and Korean fans for giving him support by coming all the way to Jeju!

Credit:, thank you!

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An Evening with Park Si Hoo at Jeju Island 2016.11.27 — 6 Comments

  1. 27 November 2016, the day of “Premium Event for Chinese in Jeju” remains as an unforgettable moment , not only for Chinese fans, this event was dedicated to, but also for Korean,Japanese fans, and even for his fans over the seas, who could not attend the event.Lucky those who were present to enjoy PSH’s concept and interpretation of his show. Choosing Jeju Island as the place for their meeting, acting some scenes with his fans , he interpreted in “After Love” with Eun Hong, it’s the real proof of how attached is PSH to his movie, and for sure he wants it to be aired. Playing in his show at the piano his own song, viewing the videos in which he sings “The Sound of Your Coming’ from the movie “Scent”, must have been also very touching moments. Another moment revealing PSH’s exceptional kindness and philantropy ,that live in his heart , was the video about Shihoo Reading Rooms for Chinese children in need, that I think impressed the audience. Not mentioning other excellent moments with him and his fans in his show, even those who couldn’t attend the event have enjoyed it and the gorgeous pro. who is PSH.

    • The place chosen and theme for this event dedicated to the Chinese fans was very clever and thought about, Stefi. It has bonded PSH and his fans more together. It is just a thought of myself, but maybe also a hint that “After Love” may be screening soon after the long wait.

      Because of fans like Nance also the fans who couldn’t attend still have the feeling of having been part of it. This kind of sharing is what makes being a fan of PSH so very special. A special guy….special fans! 😉

  2. Thanks for your correction.
    Your thought is correct and I hope this to become reality very soon.
    It’s a pity for the whole team, especially for PSH and Eun Hong , who worked so hard to make a good movie.And I adore both of them.

    • I’m looking forward too to watch our pilote and Eun Hong together on big screen, Stefi. From the previews I think they have a great chemistry!^^