Vote for “Neighborhood Hero”!

Korean Drama has started the voting for 

“The Best Korean Drama of 2016”

with “The Nomination Round”. This runs from 2016-Nov-15 (00:00KST) to 2016-Nov-30 (23:59KST).

The Top 8 in “The Nomination Round” will go into “The Final Round” which will run from 2016-Dec-01 (00:00KST) to 2016-Dec-30 (23:59KST).

Rules in The Nomination Round:

* 1 IP address can only nominate 1 time/day
* 1 time can nominate for a maximum of 8 dramas
* Same IP address can nominate after 24 hours
* The Top 8 in “The Nomination Round” will go to “The Final Round”
* All Top 8 dramas will count from 0 in “The Final Round”


“Neighborhood Hero” is one of the dramas you can vote for. So let’s start voting “Neighborhood Hero” into The Top 8 for The Final Round! The dramas are listed in alphabetical order. Scroll down for “Neighborhood Hero”!

Link to vote:

Once you have voted, you need to fill in the captcha to finalize your vote! Don’t forget to do this!

Happy Voting!

Credit: Korean Drama, thank you!

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Vote for “Neighborhood Hero”! — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve cast my vote for “Neighborhood Hero” , and although on the 37th place,with only 192 votes not satisfying at all to remain in “The Final Round”, I hope many of PSH’s fans will cast their vote to keep the drama in The Top 8. Please support “NH” and cast your votes for The best 8 dramas of 2016.

    • Thanks Stefi. All we can do is cast our votes on a daily base. The Chinese fans started yesterday shortly after midnight and spread the news everywhere. It is not impossible to catch up with the others and if not, we have done our best!^^

  2. Wilma, I’m a bit confused. I’ve voted today for “NH”, then I”ve filled the captcha [only one of the two] to finalize the vote. But the answer was:Sorry, we have already counted your vote”, meaning that my vote was denied. What does it mean. Must I vote everyday exactly at the time [KST], as it is displayed on the site? Or this is not important, being able to vote on my local time. Can you enlighten me? On the other hand I’m dissapointed of the place where “NH” is today:36 with only 256 votes. Can we bring it among The Top 8?

  3. Stefi, in contrary to other voting sites, this voting site handles exactly the 24 hours counter. So if you have voted 14:00 hours your local time, your vote will be denied until it has been 14:00 hours again next day . Very confusing, I agree with you. Other voting sites allow voting again as soon as it has been 00:00 hours their local time.

    Yesterday I caught my vote later than the day before, because I had a meeting in the afternoon. Today I have to wait until my clock strikes 16:00 hours again.

    I think it is in the disadvantage of “NH” it was broadcasted by OCN and not by one of the 3 major broadcasters KBS, SBS or MBC. In 2011 “TPM” (KBS) ended 2nd place and in 2013 “CDDA” (SBS) ended 2nd place. The competition is enormous and only if all PSH fans will continue to vote on a daily base, we will have a chance to vote “NH” into “The Top 8”. At least, that is my personal opinion.

  4. Wilma, thanks for helping me understand the rules of voting on this site. Today I’ve voted “NH” and the vote was validated , but unfortunately “NH” is only on the 37th place today, while yesterday was on the 36th. It’s such a pity that a drama far better than many other K. dramas of the year, in script and actors’ interpretation, especially PSH, to have such a low ranking, only because was produced by OCN. I’m so sorry for PSH and I think to get back his status as a Hallyu Star, he must play in a new drama produced by their national broadcasters KBS, SBS or MBC. And I have also my belief that playing now in a historical K. drama ,this should be his greatest chance. I’m so eager to have some news from him about his new project.

    • Stefi, I’m glad this site works for you now. For some reason, it keeps telling me my vote has already been counted, while I voted two days ago for the last time! So I tried with my mobile, because I still have another provider there. Now my vote was counted! I will try later today again with my PC provider. Anyway, if more fans have this issue, it can be in the disadvantage of “NH”!

      I’m eagerly waiting for news on a new project as well. Me too believe that a historical drama would be the best choice at this moment!^^

  5. The final round of this voting sites has started. Unfortunately, we have not been able to vote Park Si Hoo’s “Neighborhood Hero” to the top 8.

    Thank you for your time and effort in casting your vote for “Neighborhood Hero”!