UTY TV (Japan) Re-broadcasting “The Princess’ Man” 2016.11.09

UTY TV in Japan is going to re-broadcast “The Princess’ Man” from Wednesday November 9, 2016 at 9:55 am.

Credit: Twitter@kei88, thank you!

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UTY TV (Japan) Re-broadcasting “The Princess’ Man” 2016.11.09 — 4 Comments

  1. “When I creat a masterpiece I feel alive.! When my creation is revered I feel immortal.”[E. Godsent ]. With “The Princess’ Man” PSH must feel immortal as his drama is worshiped all the time, being re-broadcat all the time. The last time was on KBS, where I re-watched it with great plaesure.

    • Yes, “The Princess’ Man” is PSH’s masterpiece for sure, Stefi. It is very loved in Japan. And when KBS does the re-broadcast I secretly hope it is the precursor of a near future announcement for a new drama with PSH. Although KBS World only seems to be for countries outside Korea, it is still KBS to me. I strongly believe in that there is a reason for everything!

  2. Wilma, there is a saying:”Do not fire without smoke out.” And I do agree with you that there is a reason for everything, and this”smoke” should announce something , like the Indians do. And I should be happy that this rebroadcast to be of good omen. May be KBS is trying to bring him back with a new drama? This should be fantastic!
    Have a nice weekend Wilma!

    • Yes, I hope too that KBS has this intention. Then PSH will be fully back in the picture in Korea, because the other companies, SBS and MBC, will follow in no time.
      Have a nice weekend too Stefi!^^