[MV] Ti Amo….Park Si Hoo!

Edith, a fan from Hungary, has created another beautiful MV which she called “Ti amo….Park Si Hoo” after the song “Ti amo” by Gina G. I like the song for its merry melody. Ti amo (Italian)….Ik hou van je (Dutch)….Ich liebe dich (German)…Je t’aime (French)….Te amo (Spanish)….S’agapĆ³ (Greek)….Saranghaeyo (Korean). Just a few languages saying all the same “I love you”!

Credit:78 Led@youtube.com, thank you!

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[MV] Ti Amo….Park Si Hoo! — 2 Comments

  1. Edith, you’ve created a wonderful MV with PSH in Italy, and we thank you very much.”Ti Amo!”. How couldn’t we love a gorgeous person like PSH? His trip to Italy being a very memorable moment for him . And for us too , when we watch his beautiful images in Italy.

    Thanks Wilma for posting this wonderful MV “Ti Amo”

    • The way how Edith creates her MVs makes it worth to be shared to a bigger audience. So it is my pleasure to do so every now and then Stefi!^^