[MV] Family Honor ~ Lee Kang Suk & Han Dan Ah

A few days ago a fan from Japan uploaded a new created MV with touching scenes between Lee Kang Suk and Han Dan Ah. The exchanging of feelings has been caught so well! Enjoy!^^

Credit: MIHOKO-T@youtube.com, thank you!

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[MV] Family Honor ~ Lee Kang Suk & Han Dan Ah — 2 Comments

  1. Although these days I’m rewatching “Family Honor”, Mihoko ‘s MV enjoys me so much, that indeed has made my day, at this weekend. Both actors are wonderful and their interpretation is unforgettable. Thanks Mikoko for your creation, thanks Wilma for sharing it, that for me it’s a delight. Have a nice and peaceful weekend Wilma!

    • I’m glad you like the MV, Stefi! I know you are a fan of “Family Honor”. It is not my most favorite, but I started to like it more over the years. Also because of all the existing MVs which highlights multiple scenes from different angles. While watching this one, it struck me that LKS and HDA complement each others characters so strongly. HDA looks so much more matured than her hubby LKS. In the end making her to the woman he needs to support him for the rest of his life until death will part them! Wonderful how this has been broungt alive on screen!

      Have a nice, peaceful and relaxing weekend Stefi!