[MV] Congrats 4th Anniversary “Confession of Murder” 2012.11.08 – 2016.11.08


Regarding “Confession of Murder” it is hard to believe that its first screening was 4 years ago on November 8, 2012! However, it is. Today “Confession of Murder” is having its 4th anniversary! I can still remember how excited everyone was. Park Si Hoo’s first movie was going to happen! We all followed the shooting, promotion tour, the rice wreath donations, the press conference and then the first screening on November 8, 2012!


Park Si Hoo portrayed his character Lee Doo Seok so strong, it will be difficult for any other actor to stand in his shadow and surpass his interpretation. That creepy smile of his, the way he provoked detective Choi over and over again, pretenting to be remorseful but showing a different attitude, that evil look in his eyes and then the twist at the end. You can’t but love the handsome killer! If you didn’t have had the chance to watch this movie, you should. Park Si Hoo has turned “Confession of Murder” into a classic!

Shinsarang has created a celebration MV which will surely refresh your memory or give you an idea of what you can expect, when you are a new fan!

Credit: Sarang Shin@youtube.com, thank you!

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[MV] Congrats 4th Anniversary “Confession of Murder” 2012.11.08 – 2016.11.08 — 2 Comments

  1. Wilma, very well said. PSH’s greatness lies in his ability to project himself to others , as if he is putting himself on a projector, creating an excellent image of himself. His greatness lies in who he is, what he can give to others through his interpretation, so that they can remain with something quite extraordinary from him. The interpretation of his roles, his dramas and movies that each of them has become classic.

    • Stefi, you are so much better with words than I am. You pin point exactly the reason why PSH manages to turn every piece of works into a classic. Thanks!