[MV] Be Together Once Again ~ Park Si Hoo

Although I did not attend the two concerts at Tokyo Seaside Festival in Odaiba, watching already created MVs and every new one give me a sense of how it must have felt to have been there in person. “Be Together Once Again” is one of the songs Park Si Hoo uses to sing during his concerts and fan meetings. Enjoy!^^

Credit: Sarang Shin@youtube.com, thank you!

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[MV] Be Together Once Again ~ Park Si Hoo — 4 Comments

  1. “Be Together Once Again” is a song with a deep meaning and importance for him and for his fans. “Why be alone when we can be together baby , You can make my life worthwhile, And I can make you start to smile.” For being together with his fans,once again,he makes their life worthwhile, while his fans,with their love and enthusiasm ,make him smile and be happy. This wonderful song, sorry I don’t know the lyrics, seems like the anthem of PSH’s fans and himself, as he always sings it at his concerts and meetings with his fans. As the next one will be on 26 November 2016 in Jeju-do.Happy those who will be together with him at this meeting. Do you know if this song is his own creation?

    • As far as I know PSH didn’t write this song himself, Stefi. He sang it for the first time in 2014 during his “Forever” tour. “To You” (그대를) was the first song written by him. He presented two more songs for the first time during his concert of May 7, but those are not released on CD (yet). I couldn’t find a similar song on YouTube either.

  2. Fortunately I have the lyrics, even in Romanian, of his song “TO YOU”, which is so touching, unveiling his sorrow, his feelings for his fans who support him, and his love too. But also his promise not to cry any more in the future. I think he cried a lot for what happened to him on that unfortunate moment. I wish you a nice and pleasant week!

    • It is only good that PSH has cried out all his feelings of pain, sorrow, impotency and anger. It prevented him from falling into that black hole of despair and regain his strength and move on with his head held high! When you allow yourself to cry, there will also come a moment that you know: It has been enough. PSH expressed this all beautifully in “To You”!
      Have a good week ahead Stefi!