Flight Schedule Jeju Island 2016.11.26


Park Si Hoo will leave for Jeju Island for the Premium Event China from Gimpo Airport on Friday November 26, 2016.

Flight: KE1227 (Korean Air)

Departure from Gimpo (GMP): 15:45 hours

Arrival at Jeju (CJU): 16:55 hours

Credit: Sihoorang & Korean Air, thank you!

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Flight Schedule Jeju Island 2016.11.26 — 25 Comments

  1. Wilma, welcome back with a very beautiful photo of PSH. Today is another happy day for his fans attending his meeting with them in Jeju Island for his Premium Event China. I’m anxious to know how he will entertain them this time. With another surprise?
    Have a peaceful and nice weekend!

    • Thanks Stefi! The event will be tomorrow Sunday 27 November. Today everyone will fly in – from Seoul and elsewhere. I’m sure PSH has prepared a fully loaded program. Who knows also some good news we are all waiting for?!

      Enjoy the weekend Stefi!^^

  2. Park Si Hoo has an adorable smile. I love his charisma and the way he acts. Indeed, he is a damn good actor, second to none in my opinion. Am glad to know that he is now back in Korea after three years of hiatus.

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment D Lee!^^
      Always a pleasure to meet with fans of Park Si Hoo. The storm is over and we are waiting for the announcement of the new project he is preparing for. So stay tuned!

  3. Thanks for welcoming me into your group. It is indeed a pleasure to be able to voice my views about our charismatic actor, Park Si Hoo. I do hope that the Korean networks like MBC and KBS will offer him new projects too.

    • It’s my pleasure D Lee.^^

      It’s exactly my own wish that one of the 3 major broadcasters in Korea will offer a new role to Park Si Hoo. When I look to the continuing success of as well “The Princess’ Man” as “Cheongdam-dong Alice” KBS or SBS are most likely.

  4. I simply love ‘The Princess’ Man’. Park immersed himself in his Kim Seung Yu’s role very well. When an actor is capable of portraying his emotions in various facets and conditions and make the audience feel as if they are in his position, that particular actor is indeed a class above others. Not many actors are able to immerse themselves so well in their given roles. Some merely act out their parts without much emotion. Park SH is truly in a league of his own. And period dramas truly suit him well. I have yet to watch ‘Cheongdam-dong Alice’.

    I am curious though, would Park SH be able to know that there are fans like us who have voiced our views about his acting etc ? It will be a waste if he doesn’t know that English educated fans of his are in awe of him just as much as his Chinese, Korean and Japanese educated fans.

    Anyway, I am from Penang Island, Malaysia. What about you, Wilma?

    • “The Princess’ Man” has been the first drama of PSH I watched. Expecially, the second – revenge – half spoke most to me. You should watch “Cheongdam-dong Alice” as well. It shows a totally different side of PSH. He is so gifted to turn into any character he has to portray D Lee!^^

      Since HOO Factory Tour it is known that PSH knows about parksihoossi.com and its English speaking fans. Nance’s 2016 birthday gift of all the 2015 articles including the fans’ comments is displayed on the red shelf in the office! Most likely he and his staff are visiting parksihoossi.com on regular intervals and aware of our different views on anything relating to him!

      Nice to meet you D Lee! I am from Spijkenisse in The Netherlands. This is a small city in the vicinity of Rotterdam.

  5. Like you, ‘The Princess Man’ was the first of PSH’s dramas I watched and it just two weeks ago. I am now watching it for the second time as I love to watch his superb acting in his roles as a teacher, as a young guy falling in love, as a filial son, as a vigilante and as a rebel leader. The story-line is good of course. But a good story-line must have an excellent lead actor and an excellent lead actress, then only can the drama be proclaimed a good drama with solid response from the audience.

    In The Princess’ Man, Park certainly had a good acting chemistry with Moon Chae Won.No wonder, they both won the Best Couple Award!

    Thanks for recommending me Cheongdam-dong Alice. I shall watch it at a later date. I only came to know about Park SH just recently and of course like any other person, I surfed the net to find out more information about him.

    All I can say now is that I wish Park SH all the best in his projects and other forthcoming projects.I also wish to glue my eyes on his other dramas. I have watched other Korean period dramas too. Though the story-line of these dramas are good and solid with good lead actors and lead actresses, Park SH is by far the only lead actor who captured my attention and it’s all because of his superb acting and winsome smile. Three cheers to Park Shi Hoo !

    Is this page of yours linked to parksihoossi.com? I am not very familiar with other sites. I so happened clicked onto your page about Park SH on Jeju Island and that’s how I came to know that I am able to post my views about Park on this link/ site / blog ( not sure which name is best referred to ) 😀

    It’s a pleasure to get to know you too. I am truly pleased to be able to post my views about Park SH on your page.

  6. An additional comment, I like to see Park SH in costume drama outfits, suits and casual wear. The only attire and style which I don’t fancy is to see Park SH in the ‘boy band attire’ with his eyes eye-lined and dark-looking lips. That is simply a no-no. 😀

  7. The Princess’ Man was the first of Park SH’s dramas I watched too. Watched it two weeks ago and I am watching it again. Simply love to see Park SH in his roles as a teacher, as a young man falling in love, as a filial son, as a concerned family member, as a vigilante and as a rebel leader. Truly amazing!

    Will watch Cheongdam-dong Alice at a later date. Somehow or other I prefer to watch period dramas. 😀

  8. Funny though, I posted earlier on. Didn’t see my post so I post it again. 😀

    My apologies for the repetitive post.

  9. D Lee, don’t worry if you don’t see your comments immediately. I’m using the WordPress software to run this website/blog. A disadvantages is that spammers love WordPress too. Although I have also a program running to sort out spam messages, there was a time not all these kind of messages were sorted out and appeared here for everyone to read. Then I decided to approve comments first, but I can understand this may be confusing if you don’t know this.

    On top of this website you’ll find links related to Park Si Hoo. Parksihoossi.com is one of them too. For your convenience I’ll write the link for you here: http://parksihoossi.com. Nance is always writing interesting posts which are linked to the Facebook page of parksihoossi.com. Most fans have the habit to leave their comments on the facebook page. You can simply click to there after you’ve read a post!

    I know what you mean with the “boy band look”. Although it is not my favorite either, it suits Park Si Hoo well. He is a natural good looking man and the make-up only emphasizes this. A saying is: “You can’t make someone look beautiful, if he not already is! In my opionion this applies to Park Si Hoo.

  10. Oh, I merely log onto http://parksihoossi.com for info not the Facebook page. Why is there ssi after his name? What does it stand for? Which page is the best page to post comments? This particular page or the one to all PSH fan? Hope you can enlighten me on this matter.

    I did mention about Park SH being an all rounder in the entertainment field in my other post. Thus I am a bit confused about the proper page to post comments.

    Do you have any idea as to whether Park SH will be involved in any forthcoming period dramas? Seems to me like he is much suited for period dramas. Merely my view of course. I like to see him in period dramas especially in the ninja type outfit as it makes him look very manly. 🙂

    By the way, is PSH able to speak Japanese and Chinese/ Mandarin too? If he is acting in Japanese and Chinese movies, he has to speak in both these languages, right?

    What about the English Language? My apologies for all these endless questions. I am just beginning to know more about PSH through your page and Nance’s page.

    • D Lee, if you want a fast interaction with other PSH sisters you best go directly to the fb page https://www.facebook.com/parksihoossi/. All comments left there will be linked to parksihoossi.com, but not vice versa.

      “Ssi” is Korean for Mr/Mrs/Miss and a formal addressing to someone you don’t know well, is higher in ranks, social status, a celebrity, but less formal then “nim”.

      PSH said something at the last fan meeting at Jeju Island which gave the impression he is preparing for a new project, but no one knows what kind of project – modern or period.

      PSH knows a little Mandarin and a few Japanese words. He has staffs who take care of We Chat and his Japan Official Fan Club. PSH is good in memorizing in what he has to say in scripts. In “Scent” he spoke Korean and sometimes a little bit English. “After Love” we are still waiting for. During fan meetings in Japan and/or China local translators are translating for him on stage.

      PSH knows some English, but he is always speaking and writing in Korean.

  11. Thank you so much for enlightening me. It truly amazes me how you manage to know so much about PSH. I hope I didn’t burden you with my endless questions. Anyway, my knowledge about PSH has increased by leaps and bounds over these few days of knowledge input so kindly provided by you, Wilma. Truly appreciate your kindness and willingness to share. 🙂

    • When I became PSH’s fan the blog parksihoo4u had just been launched. It is not active anymore because of personal reasons, but the admins Ashley and Hillary had collected tons of information and shared this with PSH’s fans. Lots of interviews which were translated into English and other news as well as videos and photos can be found there. That’s how I gained my knowledge about PSH and connected with other PSH sisters. If you don’t mind to just read, you can go there too http://parksihoo4u.com.

      Every (new) fan is precious to and for PSH. So I answered your questions with pleasure D Lee! Have a nice Sunday!^^

  12. It is not easy to learn foreign languages. I find that Korean language is very refined. I am not sure but I believe that different terms are being used depending on the status of a person For example, I just recently came to know that the term ‘Father in Korean’ is called in three different ways – ‘appuchi’ for common people, ‘abunim’ for nobles and ‘apamama’ for royalty. I was baffled initially when I heard the three different terms. After a while I came to realise that the different terms could be due to the different status of the parties concerned. Er..my spelling of the terms used may be wrong and my understanding of the language is not good either.Do bear with me. I am learning though through watching the dramas.

    • In Korean there is a distinction whether to use formal (verbs ending with -hamnida or sumnida for example), polite (verbs ending with eoyo, ayo or haeyo) and casual (polite forms without -yo at the end) speak. All depending on the kind of relationships between people also based on age and status in business, society or within the family. Period dramas are mostly characterized by formal speak. Especially, from a commoner to a higher up in rank and the nobles to the royal family. This is what makes Korean a difficult language to learn apart from the vocabulary and how to use expressions.

      I think it will take me the rest of my life to master Korean the correct way and being able to speak and understand it without feeling the need anymore to translate in English first. I don’t like to translate Korean into Dutch. That feels so ugly to me. I only do when English fails to understand properly. I’m striving to be able to think in Korean, but I still have a long, long way to go!

  13. Another comment which I would like to add about PSH is that he seems to look better as he grows older. Maturity and experience of life seem to make him look much better these days.

    In Ijimae, he had a boyish look even though he was 30 years old then. In The Princess’ Man, some three years later, he had a more matured look. Today, at the age of 38, I can see an even more matured look. The challenges in life must have enhanced his look.

    Nevertheless, I like all his looks- boyish,matured and matured with life experiences etched. Correction- only one look which I don’t fancy is the ‘boy band look with eyes eye-lined and lips darkened ( must be black lipstick). I have nightmares over that type of look. 🙂 I pray hope that PSH will discard that boy band look now that he is 38 years old.

    • Fans have compared PSH more than once with a good old wine which tastes better over the years as well! I agree with you D Lee that PSH has become more handsome and gorgeous with aging. I guess he has a young spirit and throwbacks in life don’t show on him, but make him more matured and attractive!

      His professional look for photo shoots or on stage will also depend on the advices of his stylists.I think they want to show that men nearing their 40s can easily beat the youngsters with that boyband look. I don’t like it either, but if they want me to choose between PSH and a young adult between their 20s and 30s with the same look, I would definitely choose for PSH because he is so much more matured. Really he is able to take my breathe away!

  14. Totally agree with you! Yes, the throwbacks in life have somehow groomed him to handle himself better than others and of course, like you mentioned above- make him more handsome and gorgeous with aging.

    Likewise, if a group of boy band fellas are lined up together with PSH, without a shadow of a doubt, my choice is PSH.

    Just imagine how PSH would feel if he were to know how we react to his looks, his acting etc. If only he has the time to read his fans’ comments. I bet he would be in seventh heaven and grinning away from ear to ear and probably give himself many pats on the back. 🙂

    I only hope that the three main broadcasting companies would offer him an acting project. There is nothing more welcoming and pleasing than to work for one’s country’s broadcasting company.

    p/s I agree heartily that Korean is hard to learn let alone master.

    • It’s my wish too that PSH will appear in a KBS, SBS or MBC drama, D Lee. Although a period drama would be nice, any kind of drama would be fine to me. PSH only chooses a drama in which he can both use his experiences from previous dramas and improve with new ones. Anything he will choose will be memorable for a long time.

  15. Yes, indeed. PSH leaves a mark in each and everyone of his fans’ hearts I believe. I can’t speak for others but I do know that after watching The Princess’ Man,PSH had captivated my heart.That’s why I am here posting my views and learning more about him. 🙂

  16. Er..Cheongdam-dong kind of life is not for me. I prefer a simple life.
    As good as he is in his portrayal of Jean Thierry Cha, I hope he doesn’t lead this kind life in real life.

    The rich and famous kind of life is a bit unreal to me. I believe these rich people can’t really lead a down to earth life when practically each and every item they wear and each and every morsel they put into their mouths are all staggeringly expensive.

    The dollar note symbol does not signify happiness. The middle and simple path in life is the best.