[SNS] Park Si Hoo: “Good Day!”

It has been a long time since Park Si Hoo updated his Weibo account. One of the photos there also got uploaded on his Instagram account. He looks so happy and relaxed! He called it a “Good Day!”. Wonder what he has accomplished and may have in store for us?! In the mean time, enjoy the photos!^^






Credit: weibo.com/parksihoocn, thank you!

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[SNS] Park Si Hoo: “Good Day!” — 2 Comments

  1. Wonderful images posted on Weibo, entitled “Good Day”. If we look at him, we see him happy and relaxed, drinking a cup of tea with his friend and admiring the marvelous mountainous landscapes, by day and by night. Who can’t enjoy a Good Day in such an environment? Maybe he feels satisfied with his latest achievement by opening the new office of HOO Factory. Nevertheless, there is something for him to be happy about on a Good Day, making even his fans happy because he thinks that :”Life is great and it’s good to make the most of it.”

    • PSH truly radiates he feels good about how life is. He fully enjoys the present moment and that’s only good!