Park Si Hoo ~ The Way You Look Tonight

One of the things I still miss is Park Si Hoo’s presence at Award ceremonies and other official events where he is always shining in front of the photo walls. So when I saw this MV again with photos of previous events and the catchy song “The Way You Look Tonight” by Michael Bublé, I just wanted to share. The rhythm of the Rumba makes this MV extra special, a bit dreamy. I’m dreaming of the moment I can catch “The Way Park Si Hoo Looks Tonight” again!

Credit: Hapsari, thank you!

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Park Si Hoo ~ The Way You Look Tonight — 8 Comments

  1. How many years have passed since we haven’t seen him at an Award Ceremony? We miss him so much. But on the other hand I’d like to think positively, that each of his presence at his fans meetings, or live concerts, where he is applauded and cheered , can be taken as an Award Ceremony. While waiting for the time to see him stepping on the red carpet, Haspari Kharis’s excellent MV is a good panacea for our wounds. Thanks for sharing this MV.

    • You’re welcome, Stefi. Of course, every medal has two sides. If the old situation had not changed for PSH, he would not have had the chance to develop other activities and his singing skills. It is not that we have been deprived of him totally! PSH has created his private podium where we can cheer and applaud for him to our heart’s joy until we can do so again upon his re-appearance on the red carpet too!

  2. Shall I say:”All for the better?’ . “All for the better for PSH!” and as you say, he could excel in singing, entretaining. live concerts.
    But I’m waiting so much to watch him in a new drama, as it’s a pity for his talent not to be revealed. A long time has passed since “Local Hero” was aired, not forgetting “Love After Love”, which is just a mistery.

    • I am waiting for a new drama as much as you do Stefi. It’s hard when I see co-stars of LH appear in new works and all remains silent around PSH! Yes, After Love is a mystery still unsolved as well.

  3. To tell you the truth, I’m so addicted to his way of interpreting his roles, that although I’ve tried to watch new K. dramas, without him , to continue watching the respective drama is impossible, becomes boring.
    That’s why I come back to his old dramas, not to many, to rewatch them, enjoying them again and again. I try to undestand, either he hasn’t been casted in a new drama, or he was not been satisfied of the role , or the subject. He is very scrupulous with his roles.And I do agree with him. He has reached such a high standard that he can’t afford himself all kinds of roles, only to be casted in a role. So I prefer to wait a bit longer, to see him palying that role that suits his talent perfectly well.

    • I agree with you that not any role will do for PSH, Stefi. Some would say he is behaving like a diva, because he doesn’t accept any role that comes his way. It should meet with his criteria. I do watch other Kdramas and I always ask myself: Would PSH fit into this one? Most of the time it is no, because of so many reasons. To excel PSH needs a role and drama which he can form during the shooting. It should have the potential to grow from start to finish. That’s why we know as soon as PSH accepts a new role, it will be something good as only he can deliver.

  4. As you say , he needs a drama and a role to meet his expectations.And I wonder if K.script writers have lack of inspiration to creat such a drama. Such a drama like “Local Hero” were his interpretation of his role was magnificent. If I’m not mistaken, I remember that the producer or the director said that they thought two years for writing “Local Hero”. There are almost 2 and a half months till the end of the year and no news. Or shall I say :”No news, good news.”, as PSH promised to come with good news, after Odaiba. On the other hand, how are you feeling? Have you been discharged from hospital? I wish you complete health and a pleasant weekend.

    • I was discharged from Severance Hospital in Seoul on 26 September and flew back home on 28 September. A day later than my original flight, because the Korean physician had adviced business class instead of economy. The travel insurance had taken care of everything. I’m feeling better, but it varies by day. Thanks for your concern, Stefi. I wish you a pleasant weekend too.