Odaiba….The Week After ~ Leaving for Seoul 2016.10.12

After an event, especially in Japan, Park Si Hoo has the habit to stay a little longer. May it be for business matters or taking some free time. Anyway, it is mostly by coincidence that fans bump into him when he takes quietly the flight back to Seoul.



Credit: Sihoorang, thank you!

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Odaiba….The Week After ~ Leaving for Seoul 2016.10.12 — 2 Comments

  1. Wilma, I think it seems by coincidence his fans bump into him , when he arrives or takes his flight back home. On the contrary by enthusiasm and love , they gather together to welcome or wish him good bye. The more fans meeting him, the more love they share to him. And he deserves to be loved and surrounded with warm heart by all of his fans.

    • There are always fans who keep an eye on PSH’s moves as long as he didn’t leave for home, Stefi.. So partly it may be coincidence, partly it may be planned to wish him a final goodbye. It’s hard to say which of the two. Anyway, all his fans are always happy with whatever can be shared by the fans who were there. And yes, PSH deserved to be loved.