New Office HOO Factory Ready


It has been announced that the new office of HOO Factory is ready. Fans are invited to visit. Tours of HOO Factory have been planned to see how the new office looks like with an exhibition area that showcases photos and works of Park Si Hoo!

Tours are scheduled in November and December 2016. CEO and
Park Si Hoo’s younger brother, Park Woo Ho, will welcome you, a guided tour through the office is included and last, but not least, dinner at one of Park Si Hoo’s favorite restaurants is provided with a menu specially selected by him! It could well be the man himself will be present to welcome you! This will remain a surprise!

Tour slots to choose from:
* 10 November 2016 (Thursday) – 12 November 2016 (Saturday)
* 17 November 2016 (Thursday) – 19 November 2016 (Saturday)
* 24 November 2016 (Thursday) – 26 November 2016 (Saturday)
* 01 December 2016 (Thursday) – 03 December 2016 (Saturday)

Each tour has a maximum of 68 persons. Stay at Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel. Flights to and from Seoul are not included.

Registration will be open from 25 October 2016 (Tuesday) from 15:00h at


The event is organized by Mentor/Mentor Travel in partnership with
Park Sihoo Japan Official Fan Club. E-mail:,
fax: +81-3-6380-3750, tel: +81-3-6380-3773.

Credit:, thank you!

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New Office HOO Factory Ready — 6 Comments

  1. Sometime ago PSH said that he would come with good news. The announcement that the new office of HOO Factory is ready for visitors and to start working is indeed a good news. And because we celebrated the 6th anniversary of “Queen of Reversals”, looking at the photo of PSH at the office of HOO Factory, this reminds me of Goo Yongsik at his daily working meeting with his employees.And I do agree you that as GYS’s life took a new direction, I feel that PSH himself will behave, as the leader of HOO Factory ,with the same understanding, attachement for his subordinates , listening carefully to their sugestions, endorsing their concrete proposals for the improvement of HOO Factory’s activity. But having in mind his own directions for accomplishing this kind of bussiness in entertainment. I’ll be happy HOO Factory to become as well-known as his leader.

    • As soon as I read the news that the new office was ready, I knew immediately that that was the good news PSH mentioned about earlier Stefi.
      Once PSH mentioned that each role ressembles something of himself I agree with you that PSH may manage his own business the way GYS used to do. Steady and slow HOO Factory will become as well-known as its leader.

  2. Now, as HOO Factory is again working , I’m expecting another news.A new project for him, as this year is coming to an end. And I’m not satisfied with only a drama a year for him.Other actors are ending a project and strating another. It’s true that not all the last dramas on KBS are worthy of watching.Increasing the number, but not the quality. And I wonder what’s the mistery? Either no worthy script for his expectations, or not being cast in a new drama.”That’s the question.”

    • To be frank, Stefi, I don’t expect a new drama anymore with PSH in the lead. As I look to his program, November and the start of December scheduled with visits of fans to HOO Factory and the Chinese Fan Meeting on Jeju Island.
      Moreover, some dramas are talking about starting shooting early/first quarter next year. So I think a new project will take over to next year at the earliest. We are also waiting for the final screening of “After Love” in Korea, China and Japan!

      Don’t get me wrong, I want as much to hear the announcement for a new project as you do. However, when I try to be objective I say this year has already passed by too far for that.

      Although PSH also has that surprising streak in his personality, coming up with good news the moment you don’t expect it!

  3. You are right Wilma, and although I’m dissapointed that 2016 is marked by only one drama for him, “Local Hero”, I must accept that his strong work ethic has embodied his principles of producing high-level works. So during this year he was very busy with a lot of other projects, spending a large amount of work and time. And the results are as he has expected. The last one , the opening of the new office of “HOO Factory” being the best. And although dissapointed , I must congratulate him for his hard work and his self-discipline , that pushed him to a very fruitful year. Maybe he will surprise us, until the end of the year, with a new good news about a new project.A project for the next year of course , and this will be fantastic, because he embodies such an extraordinary talent,that must not be wasted. Have a nice and healthy week.!