[MV] Prosecutor Princess (2010) ~ Shut Up and Let Me Go

Another MV of Prosecutor Princess. This one is all about how Ma Hye Ri reacts to Seo In Woo’s behavior. The song is “Shut Up and Let Me Go” by the Tings Tings.

Shut Up and Let Me Go from tinysunbl on Vimeo, thank you!

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[MV] Prosecutor Princess (2010) ~ Shut Up and Let Me Go — 4 Comments

  1. Just finished watching “Prosecutor Princess”, I don’t remember how many times, and although I’m not so enthusiastic about PSH’s partner , he is fantastic. He has made the drama successful and last over 6 years. And he likes “PP” too, as he mentioned in an interview that he would have liked a sequel of the drama. I’d like all his dramas have a sequel. But I’m still waiting for a new drama. As Justin Timberlake says and PSH can say this too:”As time goes by, people we see who I am for who I am.”

    • Just because of the female lead, it took me a lot of effort to start and finish this drama. Yes, PSH once said Seo In Woo is closest to his own personality. Well, PSH made this drama with how he portrayed Seo In Woo, but still it is down on my list. I am also waiting for the announcement of a new drama, but it doesn’t look like PSH is in a hurry.
      Have a good weekend Stefi!^^

  2. Wilma, :”After all tomorrow is another day.”. So let’s hope for a good day for him and for us.

    Have a peaceful and good weekend, Wilma!