Mesmerizing Effect of Park Sihoo’s Voice

I am so lucky to be in the possession of Park Sihoo’s two CD’s and one of his DVDs. Moreover, many fans have shared Park Sihoo’s songs through their beautiful MVs. The sound of Park Sihoo’s voice is continuing to have a mesmerizing effect on me. Especially, “For You” is very special.

Picture edited by Wilma(Peris)

Picture edited by Wilma(Peris)

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Listen to the captivating sounds with Park Sihoo!
Sky & Sea@Tokyo Seaside Festival Odaiba, 7 October 2016!

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Mesmerizing Effect of Park Sihoo’s Voice — 7 Comments

  1. Wilma, those who attended PSH SKY @ SEA -TOKYO SEASIDE FESTIVAL ODAIBA confessed that they were mesmerized by his voice and his songs. And he sang even new songs written by him. If I were there , I’d have been also mesmerized by his voice too. As you say, “For You” [ or “To You”] has an overwhelming impact on me too, whenever I listen this song, especially the lyrics bring tears in my eyes. You remain deeply impressed by his sufferings he had to overcome with tears and sleepless nights, but also he tries to enourage his fans and himself that he will go on with hope and courage, having their support .

    • Not many people possess the ability to get up after life has knocked them down, keep their optimism and encourage others to do the same, Stefi. It’s what PSH pulls through everything and it translates also in the depth and warmth of his voice and the texts of his songs. I know one of his new songs because of the premium area of WeChat and I have become addicted to it.

  2. Dear Wilma, would you like to make me a favour? Can you post his new song on your blog ,for me and other of his fans, to listen to it too. Or is it forbidden as it was posted on WeChat.

    • Dear Stefi, however much I would like to, I can’t, because t is part of the paid (premium) section of PSH’s WeChat. It is not allowed to share any content from here outside with other fans. There have been warnings already, because some fans did share publicly some of the photos you can only see as a VIP plus member.