Learn Korean with Park Si Hoo!

Picture by Wilma(Peris)

Picture by Wilma(Peris)

A short time before my leave to Seoul for holidays I read on http://parksihoossi.com that Nance was going to give her Korean a second chance with Park Si Hoo! She had received a notebook in which
Park Si Hoo teaches you the beginning of Korean. It should be for sale in Myeong-dong. That very moment I decided I wanted to buy that notebook as well. It was published with four different cover photos, but the same contents inside. Of course, I wanted all cover photos for my collection!

What a disappointment, the notebook was out of sale! However, I didn’t want to give up that easily now that I was in Seoul! Nance was so kind to give me the publisher’s name. Before I was hospitalized, I had e-mailed Gaon and to my excitement I could buy the notebook with the four different cover photos at their company. So after discharge from hospital, it was my first mission to go to Gaon Korean. I’m glad I did. Thank you for your help, Nance!

Sorry for the bad quality of the photo. I took it with flash light.

Inside the notebook Park Si Hoo makes you familiar with Hangeul, the Korean alphabet. You can use the notebook to practice the writing and on Gaon’s website you can download the appropriate app for the pronunciation. After the Hangeul part you will be taught basic Korean words. Use the notebook for writing and the Words 1 app for listening to the pronunciation.

Did Park Si Hoo encourage you to learn more of his language? Then visit Gaon Korean’s website and take a look at their learning materials!


You can study the absolute beginners level for free! The website is available in Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese! Have fun!

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