Korepo About Park Si Hoo’s Concerts at Odaiba 2016.10.07

Korepo has extensively reported on Park Si Hoo’s “Talk Concert and Premium Live Sky and Sea” at Tokyo Seaside Festival Odaiba on
Friday October 7, 2016. A lot of photos came with this news report.

After the opening act by H5, a four member dance vocal comedy group, Park Si Hoo opened his first performance with the Korean cover of “Season In The Sun” from “Tube” coming from behind the audience. Mentioned was that Park Si Hoo forgot the lyrics of a song once, but nevertheless was cheered by the audience.

Many fans had attended both performances, day and evening. Park Si Hoo replied to some questions written down by the audience before the performances started. During costume changes a video was shown from his photo shooting in Italy. Also Park Si Hoo talked about his Italian adventure. The shooting took 10 days. After that he traveled around south Italy with a friend and ate a lot of pasta.

Besides talking, singing and dancing, Park Si Hoo also played the piano singing a ballad with a serious expression on his face. Through a lottery
5 people received an autographed script of the drama “Neighborhood Hero”.

During the performances Park Si Hoo laughed often and shook hands hundreds of times. Meanwhile, singing and dancing energetic and charming the fans infinitely. Park Si Hoo’s performances were characterized by various things in every performance and little by little conducted with increased perfection.

Overall, both performances, day and evening, showed a lot of happiness from Park Si Hoo as well as his fans.

Credit: Korepo, thank you!

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Korepo About Park Si Hoo’s Concerts at Odaiba 2016.10.07 — 5 Comments

  1. “Korepo” becomes more enchated and interested by PSH’s concerts and performances, spoiling us with new and detailed reports from “Talk Concert and Premium Live Sky and Sea” Odaiba -October 7 2016. And I like the most that :”PSH ‘s performance were characterized by various things in every performance and little by little conducted with increased perfection.Yes, his appearance performing the piano for the first time in a concert is indeed a progressive perfection.And I love him for that.

    • It takes a lot of courage to show something new to the audience when you also know it will be watched by the media. It also shows how confident PSH must be. Many years ago I commented somewhere on PSH4U that PSH has “piano fingers”. Never thought he would really play the piano!^^

  2. Yes, you are right. Just now I’ve realized that he has long and slim fingers eminently suited for a piano player.And he has surpassed himself learning to play piano. This not being an easy job.I should like to watch him playing piano ,which I don’t, as in my younger age my parents wanted me to play violin. And I learned the violin playing although I like piano most.

    • Playing the violin doesn’t seem easy to me, StefiT Playing the piano asks for a good sense of coordination as you use both hands,the piano has two types of keys and sometimes you need your feet as well. Don’t know when PSH started to learn to play the piano, but he does well. As a child I’ve had flute lessons, but I have long forgotten about that!

  3. I don’t think he started playing piano in his youth, but once he started singing in concerts, he maybe wanted to accompany himself with the piano. And as he is very determined, he has succeeded this.and he does it well. That’s I admire him so much.because he always tries to improve his abilities in every way.