ENISHI Season 4, Volume 4 to be Released 2016.10.31


Park Si Hoo’s magazine ENISHI 4.4 will be released on October 31, 2016.

  • The theme of this volume is centered around “Autumn”.
  • Also it will report about Park Si Hoo’s event in Miyazaki and his concerts in Odaiba. Expect a wonderful photo report!
  • In Sihoo’s Room you will be updated with Park Si Hoo’s walks after the Tokyo performances, the completion of his new house and the interior of the new office.
  • There will be a special photo selection of Park Si Hoo’s Europe trip. Talks about Halloween and psychological tests.
  • And, of course, Jami and Dami will be present as well!



Credit: Mentorshop, thank you!

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ENISHI Season 4, Volume 4 to be Released 2016.10.31 — 4 Comments

  1. It seems PSH’s last edition of ENISHI 4,4 , that will be released on 31 October, 2016 will be very intersting, and rich in information and photos about his activity, his personal life, his travel in Italy, his concerts in Japan.Just to satisfy his fans. And everyone should be happy to have it. As I’d be too, but I don’t know how much is in US$ and where and if it can be ordered from Europe.Maybe through Amazon.com.

    • Yes, it looks very interesting to me too, Stefi.
      This year I managed to order ENISHI 4.1 through Amazon Japan, but the volumes after that were not available there. I guess it depends on stock with Hanryutop and Mentorshop whether it is available with Amazon or not. Anything ordered in Japan comes with high shipping costs apart from the magazine price.
      I tried to order directly with Mentorshop before, but I was not able to get through the ordering process. The language is a problem to me and it seems to be only for customers living in Japan. So I gave up.

  2. Thanks for answering me. It seems a bit difficult for us, from Europe,
    to order on line ENISHI. Is ENISHI printed in Japan, and Mentorshop or Hanryutop are located in Korea? I used many times Amazon.com ordering items on line, but as you say, to avoid shipping costs, the order was directed to the States on my son’s address. And then he sent me the item with friends coming in Romania. I’ll wait October 31 when it will be published and I’ll try to contact Amazon.com if I can order through them. Maybe I’ll be lucky. Anyway I’ll tell you if I can.

    • Stefi, both Mentorshop and Hanryutop are based in Japan.
      Maybe because it’s the last volume of this year it will be possible to order with Amazon again. Let’s wait and see.

      Have a good weekend!