Ready to Beat the Drums for Park Sihoo?

Remember how we ~ the sisterhood of Park Sihoo ~ did a buzz campaign for his very first concert in Tokyo on 7 May 2016?


Now is the time for another buzz campaign! On Friday 7 October 2016
Park Sihoo will be holding two concerts ~ “Sky & Sea” Talk Concert and Premium Live Events ~ at Tokyo Seaside Festival in Odaiba, Japan! Are you ready to beat the drums for Park Sihoo? Let’s join hands and create a music buzz all over the internet for Park Sihoo!

Picture edited by Wilma(Peris)

Picture edited by Wilma(Peris)

Starting 30 September 2016, this Friday, let us work together to countdown 8 days to the event and celebrate on the 9th day! Through consisted daily messages for 9 days we will let the world know more about Park Sihoo!

Read for more detailed information:

Will you join the buzz? Many, many thanks!

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