On Vacation for 2 Weeks (Wilma)


Park Si Hoo had his Miyazaki event Sunday evening, but I didn’t manage to keep you updated. Lots have been shared and most probably, you have enjoyed many beautiful photos.

Unfortunately, I was too busy preparing for my vacation to Seoul. Monday evening I’ll be leaving from Schiphol to Incheon. Coming two weeks I’ll be much closer to Park Si Hoo. That’s to say, depending on how long he will stay in Japan!

So this blog will be on vacation as well! I’m looking so forward to this holiday! Who knows, I may bump into Park Si Hoo unexpectedly….

Let’s say goodbye with the fireworks Park Si Hoo shared on his Instagram!
He looks so gorgeous in his yucata!

Good night~^^

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On Vacation for 2 Weeks (Wilma) — 2 Comments

  1. Have a holiday as you wish Wilma!
    And maybe you really meets with Park Si Hoo unexpectedly. And then, assure him about our love and admiration.
    It is a long journey. Have an easy flight!
    And return safely, with luggage full of beautiful memories, which you share them to us, who donโ€™t have this chance.

    • Thanks Dana!^^ Right now I’m starting to get nervous, but maybe that’s because I have to finish last things for the journey!