[VOTE] Top 10 Handsome Asian 2016

On July 9 the voting started for the


Our Park Si Hoo has made it to the last 30 candidates! Let’s vote him to the final round!


Link to vote: http://top10.vdfly.com

At the moment Park Si Hoo is ranked 12! Current round started on
August 27 and will last until September 10. Of the 30 candidates 20 of them will pass to the next round which will last until 
September 24. The final round with 12 candidates will last until October 10 (23:59h).

Let’s vote our Park Si Hoo to the final Top 10!

For voting instructions see a previous post on this:


Credit: top10.vdfly.com, thank you!

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[VOTE] Top 10 Handsome Asian 2016 — 5 Comments

    • Thank you for voting! You can leave your vote every 15 minutes. So if you have time continue to vote, please!^^

  1. Just checked in with this voting site. I’m so happy! Park Si Hoo has made it to the last round. Thank you so much for your continuous voting!

    At the moment Park Si Hoo is ranked #9 with 1,001,959 hearts! Let’s do our best to increase his ranking!

  2. Today PSH is on the last place, out of ten, and I think he needs more votes from all of us , to avoid being eliminated. He must remain among The Top 1o, even he will be on the last place.

    • You’re right Stefi! The least we can do is keeping PSH in the Top 10. Consequently leaving our hearts should make this possible!

      Please, keep voting everyone. This final round will last till October 10 (23:59h)!