Message of HOO Factory 2016.08.11

HOO Factory left this message because of the activity amoung the fans caused by the announcement of Tokyo Seaside Festival that Park Si Hoo will be part of the festival. I tried my best to translate properly.

English translation:

“How are you doing?
We sincerely thank the fans who give their love to actor Park Si Hoo and always believe in him.

August 11, 2016 at 12:43 am Park Si Hoo starring in part of the TOKYO SEASIDE FESTIVAL currently is still under discussion. We didn’t tell yet to avoid escalation.

For the future, until Park Si Hoo’s official schedule is revealed by notice of HOO FACTORY’s SNS, there is no link to news from outsiders. We promise to come back to you with news.”

So let’s wait until HOO Factory will inform us officially about the starring of Park Si Hoo in the Tokyo Seaside Festival in Odaiba!

Credit: HOO Factory, thank you!

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