Event Points ENISHI Miyazaki Event 2016.09.11


The attendees of the ENISHI Miyazaki Event coming September 11 have something to look forward to. The website of “PSH Tour” shows amongst others the Event Points for this event.



1. Mr Si Hoo coming down from the stage to the audience!
It’s okay even if there is room between you and the stage.
Si Hoo will come down close to the audience!

2. You can win a hug or a two-shot with Park Si Hoo winning a quiz!

3. A quiz with questions from ENISHI!
The embrace or two-shot with 
Si Hoo will remain until the last minute, when the fireworks will light the night sky of the event finale! This year will offer an impressive fireworks!

4. High Five with Si Hoo!
Si Hoo’s high five just looking at you! Please, enjoy the excitement of
the moment thoroughly.

5. More may be elected to meet Si Hoo backstage after the show.
You can participate in a Meet & Greet.

Source: http://www.pshtour.com/enishi2016/

Credit: Sihoorang@kei88, thank you!

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