Benefits Park Si Hoo WeChat VIP Membership


In an earlier post I refered to the “Park Sihoo WeChat Guide” on

In addition has posted a follow-up with a detailed explanation on how to become a VIP member on Park Si Hoo WeChat ~ “Park Sihoo VIP Members Guide“.


I can hear you think: why should I become a VIP member too?
Park Si Hoo WeChat offers so much already!

As a VIP member you will be awarded with “insider” privileges.
Remember this “Celebration” photo? VIP members could enjoy four more photos!


Moreover, there are already to enjoy 19 exclusive videos for Park Si Hoo “Live” in Tokyo concert for VIP members only!

Benefits for VIP members in a nutshell: Exclusive Photos, Exclusive Videos, Premium Events, Live Chat with Si Hoo, Asking Questions and Fan Meetings.

Membership is open to all. Take the next step and become a VIP member as well. You can give Park Si Hoo your love and support from anywhere in the world!

Will we meet again in Park Si Hoo WeChat VIP member section? We are waiting for you!

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