Recommendation for Park Si Hoo on Dutch Platform 2016.07.31

One of the Clubs on the Dutch platform has written a recommendation for Park Si Hoo!


English translation by Wilma:

Recommended: Park Si Hoo

In her nearly 17 years of existence Clubs has known many, many fanclubs about celebrities as Britney Spears, Westlife and Orlando Bloom, but unexpectedly one has been added. A club for connoisseurs about the
South Korean actor Park Si Hoo! Your editor had to do some homework first, but soon it had become clear that this young man is a man of all trades as proven by his role in a Chosun-dynasty version of Romeo and Juliet!

Never superficial, good stories and a honest actor who really cares about his profession (and looks at you with warm eyes all the time)! Therefore, a fanclub is more than in place and I have the feeling that owner Peris is already a fan for life right now. She hopes to bring together the Dutch fans of Park Si Hoo with her fanclub. Het Clubs Dagblad hopes to make a contribution to this with this recommendation!

Click here to visit the club Park Si Hoo

Credit: Het Clubs Dagblad, thank you!

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