Opening Weekend Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival 2016

The opening weekend of the 14th Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival 2016 has received good reviews in the Korean media. About 100,000 people have visited the festival during the opening weekend. The organizers had put in a lot of effort to comfort the audience in the evening by expanding nighttime landscape lighting and parking lots. The media mentioned about a variety of cultural activities, educational, healing and rural ecological experience and various performances. So everyone can have a good time at the festival.


The video below shows a field image of the Gungnamji accompanied by a pansori song.
PANSORI means ‘playground of the voice’ and it is also the name of an ancient Korean opera style in which one singer expresses all the roles and aspects of a story, supported by a drummer. To have a healing effect also the Pansori-singer needs to sing all the different aspects of the sounds.

Shinsarang has attented the festival too during the opening weekend and shared some beautiful photos on her Twitter.





Credit: Buyeoguntour, Pansori Network & Twitter@Shinsarang, thank you!

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