[MV] Family Honor ~ Is it Okay to Love?

“Family Honor” is the drama through which Park Si Hoo has put his footprints in Kdramaland. It was not his first drama, but Lee Kang Suk was his first lead role. I had watched this drama in the early days after I became Park Si Hoo’s fan, because it was recommended to me and THE drama every new Park Si Hoo fan should watch.

As a faithful new fan I did, but from the very beginning Lee Kang Suk reminded me of the kind of guy in real life I had met too many times while working at the office. So I didn’t like him at all, but I continued to watch till the end. I started to like him a little bit more when he started a relationship with Ha Dan Ah and at the end he was really cute.
Lee Kang Suk is still not my number one, but I have come to appreciate him more. The song “Is it okay to love” by 4Men is one my favorite songs from the OST of “Family Honor”.

Credit: dhsarang@youtube.com, thank you!

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