Are You Ready for Miyazaki?

Park Si Hoo is! Hanryutop has uploaded a video where he invites you to come to the ENISHI Premium Event 2016 and expresses his excitement over the upcoming 2-days-1-night event on September 11-12, 2016!

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“Dear Enishi readers, Hello everyone! I am Park Si Hoo. Recently, the weather has been hot, I hope everyone stays healthy. With your enthusiastic support, we will be organizing another Enishi Premium Event in 2016! My heart beats fast at the thought of meeting all of you again. I am feeling really happy! I hope you can participate and bask in the warmth of being together as we create beautiful memories! I love you!”

Details Park Si Hoo ENISHI Miyazaki Premium Event 2016

Date: September 11 (Sunday) -12 (Monday), 2016
Event venue: Miyazaki Phoenix Seagaia Resort
Accommodation: Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort

Check-in to hotel will be followed with a dinner from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. After dinner the Park Si Hoo ENISHI Miyazaki Premium Event 2016 will start. Check-out and disperse will be after breakfast on Monday
September 12, 2016.

For more information:

Park Sihoo Enishi Miyazaki Premium Event 2016:


The PSHtour website is open for reservation of your ticket for this event. Events with Park Si Hoo are always leaving its attendees with beautiful memories. So if you want to experience this for at least once yourself, go and get your ticket!

Credit: parksihoossi, thank you!

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