[SNS] The Messages Continue to Flow!^^

Both Park Si Hoo himself and HOO Factory are providing us, the fans, with regular updates through the various SNS channels! Aren’t we lucky?

In the night from Saturday to Sunday Park Si Hoo uploaded a video with the text “At dawn” on his Instagram. This Monday it has also been uploaded on WeChat! 



A video posted by 박시후 (@park_si_hoo_01) on

This morning Park Si Hoo uploaded a photo sending us his morning greetings! Both on Instagram and WeChat. He really thinks of all his fans!


Finally, HOO Factory uploaded a photo on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to let us know they were in a business meeting at the office!


What a good start of a new week! Don’t you agree with me?

Credit: Park Si Hoo & HOO Factory, thank you!

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[SNS] The Messages Continue to Flow!^^ — 2 Comments

    • Thanks Katalin!^^

      I’m excited and curious at the same time. Hope we will hear something soon!^^