[SNS] Reading Transcript!^^

Today HOO Factory used all their SNS channels (i.e. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) to spread the same message with the uploaded photo.
Park Si Hoo reading a transcript!

This is such exciting news! To me it means Park Si Hoo is preparing for a new project. Will it be a new drama or a movie? We will have to wait for the official announcement! Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long anymore!

Broadcasting channels are announcing their casts for new dramas and/or movies already. So I hope Park Si Hoo’s name will pass by soon. Or maybe OCN is preparing for the second season of “Neighborhood Hero”? That would be great! What do you think?

Credit: HOO Factory, thank you!

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[SNS] Reading Transcript!^^ — 4 Comments

  1. I’m glad movie, but more in a new drama.I’m happy, because it will be something !

    • I think all fans would prefer a new drama Katalin!^^

      However, rumour has it that Park Si Hoo’s name is on a Chinese production list for new movies. So fingers crossed this rumour will be confirmed soon!^^

        • For the time being it is a rumour only, Katalin!
          As long as no official announcement has been made it could still be a drama as well!
          I too am hoping for a drama, because then we will be watching PSH in short time again.^^
          I consider a movie a long term project. We are still waiting for the release of After Love!