Park Si Hoo on Front Cover of 4 Japanese Hallyu Magazines

Recently, Park Si Hoo has been on the cover of 4 famous Hallyu magazines in Japan and this has attracted the attention of the Korean media.


Mentor released T.O.P. on May 16 and PIA on May 22 as well as ENISHI on April 30 with Park Si Hoo on the front cover. So did Mnet Japan as part of “Neighborhood Hero”.

As the Hallyu Wave seemed to have slowed down in Japan,
Park Si Hoo’s unique appearance brought new excitement to the Hallyu atmosphere which gives it a special meaning. Park Si Hoo has proved he is still the leading Hallyu Star in Japan. Having held the “Park Sihoo Live 2016” concert at the largest gathering center and international location with approximately 6,000 concertgoers on May 7 and appearing on the front cover of leading Hallyu magazines.

Park Si Hoo is praised for his radiating charm gracing the front covers. Reporters are equally fond of his fashionable clothes on the front covers of T.O.P. and PIA as well as his honey smile and his ability to raise the excitement of the female fans by not wearing a shirt under a black tuxedo showing his solid brown abs on ENISHI’s front cover.

Also is mentioned Park Si Hoo’s successful return with “Neighborhood Hero” on the small screen after a three years hiatus. The critically-acclaimed Mnet Japan is now broadcasting “Neighborhood Hero” during Monday and Tuesday evening at 10:00 pm. This will get a hot response and enhance Park Si Hoo’s worthiness who has re-ignited the “Korean Wave”.

Park Si Hoo’s agency transfered his message that “He will try his best to give a good look at sending more better works in the future” and that “His appearance on the front cover of influential Japanese magazines is thanks to the love of many Japanese fans”.

It is expected that Hallyu Star Park Si Hoo will continue to split his time between Korea, Japan and China.

Credit: Twitter, thank you!

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