[WeChat] Park Si Hoo Mountain Hiking

Park Si Hoo uploaded a series of photos on his WeChat while mountain hiking. I’m not sure though how to interprete the Google translation of the Chinese text: Back (old photos).

Are these old photos viewing his back? Or are these photos uploaded after he had returned from the mountain hike and therefore called old? Si Hoo-ssi are you testing my eye for details purposely?

Thanks to Dana’s information I know now that these photos were taken at the time when Park Si Hoo was having the fan meeting in Ise-Shima and the fireworks got canceled because of the bad weather, i.e. early September 2015! 










Credit: parksihoo_kr/fanlinks, thank you!

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[WeChat] Park Si Hoo Mountain Hiking — 2 Comments

  1. Hello, Wilma
    I following this blog for a long time and I congratulate you for the great work that you do for our wonderful star Park Si Hoo. I think I can help you with these pictures; they are made on September 4, 2015 at fan meeting in Ise-Shima (a resort of near Nagoya), Japan, when Park Si Hoo was met with fans to watch the spectacular fireworks, before leaving in Italy.

    • Welcome and thanks for helping out, Dana!

      Somehow Park Si Hoo’s outfit looked familiar to me, but I could not give it a place. Back in those days weather in Ise-Shima was stormy, rainy and cloudy. So it does make sense.

      Thank you once again and for following this blog!^^