[VOTE] Top 10 Handsome Korean 2016


The voting for the “Top 10 Handsome Korean” started on
May 20, 2016. This round will end on May 29 at 9:00 pm.

Link to vote: http://top10.vdfly.com


At the moment Park Si Hoo is ranking 20th out of 100 candidates on page 2 (total of 10 pages). 70 Candidates will go into next round based on their cardiac index.


Instructions on how to vote for Park Si Hoo:

  • Enter the voting site
  • Search for his picture
  • Click the blue heart
  • When the next pop-up appears fill in the CAPTCHA and click the blue buttonĀ 


  • When the next pop-up appears with this message, it means your vote has been counted and you can vote again in 15 minutes


  • Finalize your vote by clicking the button below this message.

Any other message means your vote has not been counted. Maybe you voted too soon again. Due to many voters at the same time your vote could have been failed as well. Try again until you see appear the correct message. Don’t forget to finalize your vote!

Let’s vote Park Si Hoo to the Top! Fighting!

Credit: http://top10.vdfly.com, thank you!

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[VOTE] Top 10 Handsome Korean 2016 — 2 Comments

  1. Second round has started and Park Si Hoo is one of the 70 candidates in this round. At the moment he is ranked 10th with 42,381 heart clicks on 1st page.

    This round will last till June 9 ~ 9:00 pm.

    Keep voting! Thank you!

  2. Park Si Hoo didn’t make it to the last 10 of this voting contest. I would like to thank everyone for their diligent voting!

    Have a nice weekend!^^