Summary Interview “Neighborhood Hero” ENISHI 4.1

Shortly before the first earthquake in Kumamoto Prefecture in April 2016, my friend had finished her English translation of the interview about “Neighborhood Hero” in ENISHI season 4, volume 1. With her permission I share a summary with you!


After reading the script for the first time Park Si Hoo had a very good feeling about it. He thought the character was just good for him and he felt excited to work with the director, Kwak Jung Hwan.

At first, the character Baek Si Yoon was a serious and dark person. Park Si Hoo wanted to put some change in it which resulted in a chameleon-like character who is light enough when he is supposed to be light and serious enough when he is supposed to be serious. Thanks to the good relationship among the director, writer and
Park Si Hoo everything could be discussed.

Park Si Hoo had watched as many as possible spy movies to prepare for his role, but according to him there is a difference in images between Korea and Western countries. However, he has learned things from the movies as well.

In his childhood Park Si Hoo liked to watch “Ureme 1” a nationwide popular drama starred by a famous comedian Shim Hyung Rae. He still misses it.


The action scenes turned out to be much better than Park Si Hoo had expected. Action scenes are never easy and fortunately, he could do them without any big injuries. He is very grateful to the martial arts director.

The weather was very cold during filming. Despite the cold
Park Si Hoo was of the opinion that style/fashion was much more important than keeping himself warm.

Park Si Hoo considers diet control the biggest part of physical exercise. During filming he ate much less than usual and limited himself to a good amount of chicken breast and salad to take protein which he was not enjoying at. Eating is one of his favorite things to do and he missed that. Instead he exercised a lot to clear his mind of distracting thoughts.

During the physical training Park Si Hoo missed eating noodles – pasta and rice noodles – most. He loves eating them.

Park Si Hoo’s spare time during shooting was filled with script reading and acting practice. Sometimes having talks with the staff about the drama over a cup of tea in a warm place. Other times rest individually. The working circumstances were friendly.


Park Si Hoo said the director is a wonderful person. Charismatic with a good skill of directing. He is very good at finding actor’s abilities, and visualizing them. In another words, He knows how to raise actor’s abilities to the maximum level. He is the best director ever, no doubt! Park Si Hoo’s trust in the director had been increasing day by day.

Park Si Hoo also said he could learn a lot from his experienced
co-stars. The script reading together had shown him what natural acting is and what a long career means. He considered himself very lucky to work with them.


Park Si Hoo was very happy to welcome his 200 fans who attended the filming location tour on January 15, 2016.  Although an experienced actor Park Si Hoo was nervous enough to screw up his lines and ruin a sequence while being watched by his 200 fans who didn’t want to miss any of his moves. There was nothing to do for him but laugh. He enjoyed spending time with his fans at the filming location. He will never forget.

Credit: ENISHI 4.1; English translation of original interview by cucumbersalt; summary by Wilma, thank you!

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Summary Interview “Neighborhood Hero” ENISHI 4.1 — 2 Comments

  1. Wilma, thank you for sharing with PSH’s fans the summary interview on Neighbourhood Hero in Enishi 4.1 in English translation. It’s informative and insightful. Hope you will continue the great job of providing / sourcing such interesting articles on PSH to his fans outside Kirea, Japan and China. Thank you for loving PSH.,

    • Thank you Anonymous. Thanks to the help of my friend I was able to share this English summary of the original interview.

      I understand the need for information in English concerning PSH, but it’s not that easy when you are not managing the original languages yourself. For that I wish my knowledge of Korean was good enough to translate myself and I don’t want to trouble my friend with translating Japanese all the time. Although she would do it with pleasure for me.