Release Premium DVD-Box “Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2016” 2016.06.25


Mentor Shop is going to release the Premium DVD-BOX of the
“Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2016” themed “I’m Your Hero” on
June 25, 2016. Reservation will start on June 2, 2016. Selling price: 7,980 Japanese Yen.

Link to order:

The box comes with 2 DVDs and a 64 pages special photo book. One DVD shows the main birthday event and the other DVD shows the making.

You will see Park Si Hoo appear as the new Hero all smiling. Also a costumed look-alike Park Si Hoo. BEAT WIN will sing together with Park Si Hoo. Enjoy how Park Si Hoo is in touch with his fans celebrating his birthday together with them for the third time in row!


Credit: Mentor Shop, thank you!

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