Our Shining Star, Park Sihoo!

Our shining star, Park Sihoo! We love you!


Photo Edited by Wilma(Peris)

Photo Edited by Wilma(Peris)

Once on the scene, Park Si Hoo shackles everyone in the audience from start to finish. You just want more, more of him! His shining star is spreading magic everywhere!

Unfortunately, I did not have had the opportunity to attend events with Park Si Hoo. On the one hand, I feel sad for this. On the other hand, I know almost for sure as I have seen him once at close range, it will be very difficult for me to say goodbye and return to
The Netherlands!

I have already become addictive to him from photos and watching him on screen. I don’t know, if I would be able to withstand his magic from close!

Yesterday’s concert in Tokyo has proven Park Si Hoo can turn everything into gold where he sets his goal on. Reports of attending fans and media have been unabated praising!

Our shining star, Park Sihoo, is a real SUPERSTAR!

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