Our Idol, Park Sihoo!

Our idol Park Sihoo! See you “Live” in Tokyo today,
7 May 2016!


Photo Edited by Wilma(Peris)

Photo Edited by Wilma(Peris)

Today is the big day! Our idol, Park Si Hoo, is going to kick off a new direction in his career! The actor will turn into a singer as well!

His already existing fans adore their idol, Park Si Hoo! They send him off the airport and wait him for to give him a warm welcome. From and forth, every travel destination! All his events are well attended. Park Si Hoo is always surrounded by security guards, but his fans are the most civilized ones you can imagine!

The fans give their love to their idol and Park Si Hoo is returning this love to his fans! To our idol Park Si Hoo his fans are his “Another Family” and he is treating them like this!

How about you? Are you his fan already?

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