Our Dancing Star, Park Sihoo!

Our dancing star, Park Sihoo!
See you “Live” in Tokyo on Saturday 7 May 2016!


Photo Edited by Wilma(Peris)

Photo Edited by Wilma(Peris)

Park Si Hoo is a man with many talents. Dancing is one of them. He has managed to combine his innate sense of rhythm and acting skills to carry out good dance choreographies on stage. His dance moves and total body expression while dancing ravish the audience completely.

Performing on stage as a dancer demands to open up yourself fully to the public. Every dance move needs to be carried out extraordinarily exaggerated to even reach the audience in the back of the theater.

A dancer needs to practice multiple dance choreographies fluently for many hours so that he can perform without thinking. Then he is one with the music and the audience tends to say: It looks so easy! This is the biggest compliment you can give to someone!

Long term fans of Park Si Hoo know that he is an introverted and shy person in real life. But not in reel life or on stage! Then he changes into the extroverted and charismatic actor and dancer who brings everyone into raptures!

One of Park Si Hoo’s fans has created a MV with a collection of his dance moves from past years adding to it the song “You make me feel like dancing” by Jessica Jay. Very appropriate to finish this post with. Enjoy!^^

Credit: 78 Led@youtube.com, thank you!

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