Our Budding Singer, Park Sihoo!

Our Budding Singer, Park Sihoo! See you “Live” in Tokyo tomorrow, 7 May 2016!


Photo Edited by Wilma(Peris)

Photo Edited by Wilma(Peris)

Until now Park Si Hoo has been singing, dancing and playing music during his fan meetings. Last few years especially in Japan and China. Tomorrow, 7 May 2016, will be his very first concert ever as a singer! The next milestone in his career as an artist!

I am so fortunate to have two of his CDs at home. Propose from 2012 and the one from last year’s fan meeting in Japan. Park Si Hoo has so much progressed in his vocal skills. His recent vocal training in preparation for the concert must only have added more progress.

I love his deep and warm voice which is especially powerful with ballads. Park Si Hoo can put all his emotions in his songs.

Deep down inside I wish I would have been able to attend his concert of tomorrow to cheer for him right on the spot!  I am confident
Park Si Hoo will be as successful as a singer as he is as an actor! He is an allround entainer who works hard to perform best in everything he does!

I want to finish this post with the MV of the OST of “Scent” – The Sound of Your Coming – he has sung himself. It is the Korean version. It is one of my favorites!

Credit: HOO factory@youtube.com, thank you!

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