Our Brilliant Actor, Park Sihoo!

Our brilliant actor, Park Sihoo!
See you “Live” in Tokyo on Saturday 7 May 2016!


Photo Edited by Wilma(Peris)

Photo Edited by Wilma(Peris)

Park Si Hoo is a gifted actor who is able to portray every new character as a real gem. The moment he takes up a new role, he immerses himself totally in it. That is why every character, whether it be in a drama or a movie, will forever be linked to that particular piece of work.

Personally, I remember in particular those scenes where there has been a strong focus on the expressions in the eyes. No words spoken at all.

When I think of Goo Yong Shik (Queen of Reversals) the first flashback is of how he looked at Hwang Tae Hee at the entrance door of the company when she went for an interview, but felt extremely insecure about it.

Each character has left his own footprints and will always be remembered. That is the reason why it will never be annoying to watch Park Si Hoo’s dramas and movies again and again.

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