Park Si Hoo: “Pray for KUMAMOTO” 2016.04.21

Copyright Photo: ParkSiHoo JapanOfficial fanclub

Copyright Photo: ParkSiHoo JapanOfficial fanclub

As one of my best friends is living in Kumamoto on the island of Kyushu, the two big earthquakes and ongoing aftershocks since Thursday April 14, 2016, affect me personally.

Luckily, my friend stayed unharmed and so is her home. However, the water supply has been cut off since the weekend and it is unsure when it will be back. I feel happy she can go to her parents’ place, who are living more in the south of the island, for shelter.

A lot of other people have lost family members, their homes, shelters are overcrowded and lacking basic necessities, roads are badly damaged and the ongoing aftershocks make it hard to provide assistance.

It is so considerate of Park Si Hoo to show his support to all the people in the affected prefecture of Kumamoto. I pray too that the aftershocks will be gone soon and everything may go back to normal as possible. Fighting!

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