[MV][OST] Family Honor – Nice Break Up by Chae Young In


Park Si Hoo’s character Lee Kang Suk in “Family Honor” is the favorite of many fans. I really disliked him until he was taken under the wings of Han Dan Ah. The love between this man and woman changed the cold businessman into the loving man towards the end of this long drama (54 episodes). Actually, this loving side was already visible in regard to his younger sister whom he cared about very much.

The MV below has recently been uploaded with many photos of the drama. The song, Nice Break Up (착한이별), is one of the OST Part 2 and sang by Chae Young In (채영인). It’s a beautiful MV and I am happily sharing it with all of you!^^

Credit: 연꽃마을@youtube.com, thank you!

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