[ENISHI] Volume 4-2 to be released 2016.04.30


ENISHI – volume 2 of season 4 – will feature Park Si Hoo starring as Baek Si Yoon in “Neighborhood Hero”. The release date has been scheduled on April 30, 2016.



# Cover & Titel Special
Readers are going to experience a busy shooting day at the set of “Neighborhood Hero”;
Public monopoly of a charismatic and sexy pictorial.

# Special Drama “Neighborhood Hero”
The landing of “Neighborhood Hero” in Japan prior to the broadcasting;
Look forward to a pictorial of all foreign shooting locations and interviews.

# Close to the Recording
Park Si Hoo is preparing day and night towards the recording of the concerts in Japan.

# Birthday Tour 2016
Park Si Hoo’s Birthday Tour Event in Buyeo on April 3, 2016;
More on his appearance.


Source: http://www.hanryutop.com/enishi2016

Credit: kei88@Sihoorang, thank you!

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