Connect with Park Si Hoo on WeChat

Credit Photo: parksihoo_kr

Credit Photo: parksihoo_kr

When I first read about Park Si Hoo’s new communications channel on WeChat, I really scratched behind my ears. I didn’t have any clue how to get there. QR? I heard about that, but never used it.

On my desktop I am able to go to Here I can see all information, but no idea what I have to do to post messages as I don’t know how to log in there.

The guide on offers the much needed explanation. I succeeded to register on WeChat through the app I had downloaded on Google play. I subscribed to parksihoo_kr and I sent a message to him. However, I am still very confused and need to get more familiar with this app.

Something I discovered myself and is not in the guide, is that you can add Park Si Hoo on your phone’s homepage through the
3 points on the upper right. ¬†And if you want to understand the Chinese text of a post, you can choose for “open in browser”. Don’t know if it is standard, but my browser translates immediately.

Click the link for the WeChat guide.

Hope to have been of some help to connect with parksihoo_kr!



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Connect with Park Si Hoo on WeChat — 2 Comments

    • Hi Lauren, thanks for stopping by!

      WeChat is a courtesy from Park Si Hoo to his Chinese fans “Sihoorang”. That’s the reason why the main language is Chinese. However, international fans are welcome to join in as well. Photos don’t really need any words and you can still comment in English.

      However, Park Si Hoo is on Instagram as well now. If that feels more comfortable to you take a look at his account there

      Have a nice day!