[VDO] Fragments Episode 9 “Neighborhood Hero” 2016.02.27

Episode 9 was the beginning of a very exciting weekend with many developments in the story of “Neighborhood Hero”.

#1 Chan Kyu is called by his father. He needs to take care of
3 million won

#2 Chan Kyu gets beaten up by a neighborhood punk and Seo Ahn searches the bar with some colleagues

#3 Si Yoon is investigating in earnest “Newstar Invest” and puts
Jo Bong Cheol under pressure for information

#4 Jung Yeon visiting Si Yoon who is held in detention and tells him Seo Ahn is searching for president Hwang’s memoirs

#5 Jung Soo Hyuk provokes Yoon Sang Min during the group meeting of the “New York Study Group”

Credit: ocn@youtube.com, thank you!

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