[VDO] Fragments Episode 10 “Neighborhood Hero” 2016.02.28

Episode 10 was really exciting. Here 5 fragments as chosen by OCN.

#1 Chan Kyu states that Si Yoon had not been the first to pull the knife, but those who had accused him

#2 A secret meeting between Yoon Sang Min, Tae Ho’s superiors and Tae Ho. Tae Ho opposes Yoon Sang Min.

#3 Si Yoon, Tae Ho and Chan Kyu meet in the sauna to be not overheard

#4 Si Yoon and Jung Yeon seem to come closer together, after
Si Yoon had broken up with Seo Ahn

#5 To Tae Ho’s dismay someone has been killed again

Credit: ocn@youtube.com, thank you!

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