[VDO] Episode 16 (FINAL) “Neighborhood Hero” 2016.03.20 (RAW)

The final completion. Si Yoon continues to put his life on the line to expose the New York Study Group and Hong Kyu Man to the public. Eventually, he is helped by Yoon Sang Min. So sad. After the exposure Si Yoon died….or did he not?

The end of this drama contains all ingredients for a sequel.
Chan Kyu and Jung Yeon both have realized their dreams.
Chan Kyu appears in a policeman uniform and Jung Yeon has published her book. Tae Ho seems to work together with Chan Kyu. The neighborhood bar still exists and who is that man leaving at the end? Looks like our neighborhood hero Si Yoon!

#1 First half episode 16

#2 Second half episode 16

Credit: Kato feri@dailymotion.com, thank you!

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