[VDO] Episode 15 “Neighborhood Hero” 2016.03.19 (RAW)

It remains exciting until the end. Si Yoon should stay in the hospital to fully recover from the attack of the three killers, but his help is needed. He has an all or nothing fight with Yoon Sang Min which is interrupted by Im Tae Ho. Si Yoon is leading the neighborhood team to free the kidnapped daughter of Tae Ho, but collapses when he is chasing one of the kidnappers who has collected the ransom – the memoirs of late president Hwang. At the end Si Yoon and Tae Ho appear in front of the New York Study Group.

Tomorrow will be exciting again. Si Yoon has to be reinstated in the hospital and it looks pretty serious. Will he die? Will he survive? I wish tomorrow was already there!

#1 First half episode 15

#2 Second half episode 15

Credit: 3deep@dailymotion.com, thank you!

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