Photos Final Weekend “Neighborhood Hero” 2016.03.19-20

Last episodes of “Neighborhood Hero” were almost two weeks ago and I still miss it. I want to share behind the scene photos of
Park Si Hoo from this final broadcasting weekend.

160310_38_0049-OCN_epi15_16 160310_38_0192_OCN_epi15_16 160310_38_0236_OCN_epi15_16 160310_38_0430_OCN_epi15_16 160310_38_0939_OCN_epi15_16 160319_40_0456_OCN_epi15_16 160319_40_0532_OCN_epi15_16 160319_40_0622_OCN_epi15_16
Credit: OCNblog, thank you!

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